Why Positivity? How Positivity Affects Every Business’s Bottom Line

We all know that being around people who have a negative mindset or who are in a constant bad mood sucks your energy and eventually puts YOU in a bad mood. Negative people often are the worst complainers and procrastinators who destroy the morale of an office and often don’t complete their work tasks to your satisfaction.

So, are these the type of people you want in your workplace serving your customers? While some people are just prone to pessimism, you as a business leader have the power to practice positivity in the office. Not only will morale improve but you’ll even notice an increase in your profits and happier clients.

Positivity in the Workplace

Establishing a positive attitude in your office won’t happen overnight; consider it a habit that has to catch on and grow over time. But little things will make an impact, such as simple manners, random acts of kindness, or even just smiling more with your coworkers.
Consider ways to build your team spirit, such as noticing even the smallest of accomplishments. Certainly big milestones deserve a bigger celebration but your coworkers don’t want to feel taken for granted. Acknowledgment goes a long way toward building loyalty and strong morale.

Reduce Stress with a Positive Environment

Workplace stress is a silent killer but also contributes to dozens of other health ailments. If your workers are stressed, they’re not doing their best work and they’re taking time off for illness. “…the American Psychological Association recently calculated that the U.S. economy loses more than $500 billion every year due to workplace stress.”

If you work with a virtual team, you can still contribute to their wellbeing by carefully scheduling deadlines so they aren’t overwhelmed. A positive attitude and appreciation for your team will allow them to mention when they feel overworked or if they encounter any other problems. Overburdening your team and setting unrealistic deadlines will only create tension, stress, and turnover.

Reduce Turnover with Positivity

Company turnover – even for those who work virtually – costs you precious time and money in the hiring and training process. Taking time to find candidates and interview them are labor intensive and really something you as the business owner need to be involved with. Even if you find a great candidate and have all the job tasks and descriptions laid out in a handbook, you still need to train them and develop a flow with any new team member.

A positive atmosphere increases loyalty from your workers because they are happy. They aren’t wondering “if the grass is greener” elsewhere. They feel appreciated, which in turn makes you more approachable if they have a problem or can’t meet a deadline. When workers are happy, they want to stay put because finding a new job is also stressful.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Positivity

Happy workers generally equal happy clients and customers. Think to your own customer service experiences. You call up, unhappy about something, and the most patient and calm voice on the other end helps you resolve the issue. That service rep was likely patient and calm because they enjoyed their job and they liked their company. A positive work environment plays a great part in that loyalty and that improved job performance.

Jessica Pryce-Jones is the author of Happiness at Work and CEO of iOpener. She conducted research with over 3,000 respondents in 79 countries on the impact of happiness on productivity. The participants who claimed to be happy were 180% more energized at work, 108% more engaged, 50% more motivated, and 50% more productive. All of these attributes enhance the customer experience, which in return can increase profits.

Once you begin the habit of bringing positivity into your workspace, it will become an everyday occurrence. With some practice, soon you won’t have to think about being positive; it will just become a part of your personality.

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