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Music is very powerful. It gets you moving, it increases the effectiveness of your exercise and it can get you into a variety of emotional states.

Now, music has also been found to be able to help a person heal after a heart attack.

A research study was reported on at the American College of Cardiology 2020 scientific meeting in March that found that listening to 30 minutes of soothing music every day after a person has had a
heart attack lowered the patient’s chances of having a second heart attack.

Music was able to lower the risk of second heart attack by 23%. Music was powerful in other ways: it reduced the rate of heart failure by 18%, it lowered the risk of needing coronary bypass surgery by 20%, and it even lessened the chances of cardiac death by 16%. It also reduced the patient’s level of anxiety by 30%.

All of these numbers are amazing considering it came from just listening to music!

The study included 350 heart attack patients who continued standard drug therapy while they were doing the music therapy. The patients were even able to pick the music that they wanted to listen to.

With coronavirus patients in hospitals, the staffs at some hospitals have been using music to give the staff members a positive emotional uplift by playing The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” every time a
coronavirus patient was discharged or recovered enough to breathe without needing a ventilator.

As one of the staff at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City said with the song being played 20 times in a day it gave the staff an overwhelming sense of WOW we’re making a difference.

I got to experience the impact of music myself back in November when I had hip replacement surgery. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 am and I went into surgery at around 9:30 am. During this time, I was listening to a subliminal music recording by Steven Halpern called Self-Healing 2.0. There was music on one track and subliminal messages about healing on another track. Since the messages were subliminal, I could not consciously hear them. I also meditated most of the time while the music was on.

The surgeon agreed to let me bring the headset and music into surgery. So, during the surgery and then during the recovery I had the recording playing. When I got back into the hospital room, I continued to listen to the recording and kept meditating. At 4:30 pm I was released from the hospital; I had no pain at all after the surgery.

The next several days I meditated twice a day while and I also listened to the recording. While I did take Tylenol for a couple of days, I never had any pain at all. My Home Health Care PT said I was a high performing patient.

I would definitely say that music is a powerful healer! So…in this time of stress, get those ear buds and headsets out and enjoy reducing your level of stress.
(Reported AARP Magazine June/July 2020)

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