Lee Milteer’s Gems of Wisdom: Unplug From Habits Costing You Money & Time!

Many people are addicted to digital distractions, the Internet, the smartphone, TV, tablets and video games. We don’t want to admit we are addicted but we are. Frankly, it is messing up our ability to communicate with other humans. So many social media friends, yet many of us are still lonely!
We are suffering from a truly modern-day scourge of digital distraction and information-overload in the world. Our brains are constantly bombarded with negative information that destroys our ability to manifest what we want in our lives. We are programmed with fear and doubt about our desires and ability to create, which leads to depression, anger and feelings of hopelessness. According to many mental health experts all this “connectivity” is making us feel more alone than ever and a bit crazy to say the least.
I urge you to stop the insanity and UNPLUG for a few days. The world is going to continue 24/7 with or without you … and you need some peace and quiet. This type of frenzied activity damages your ability to focus. We are hardwired to respond to new things instantaneously and we are multitasking more and more. All this makes it harder to decide what data to keep or ignore. People can no longer concentrate and attention is fractured. We are stressed out yet still try and expect to make important decisions. It can’t happen.
Simply give yourself some boundaries. What if, say on weekends, you decided to UNPLUG and have a life? Listen to and be with your loved ones, play, rest and relax. If you are not driving and don’t need your cell phone for safety, why not plug it in the wall and let it recharge … and you do the same!
I will share that when I am not driving I don’t carry my smart phone with me all the time. I don’t use it at the dinner table and ignore my family and company. I am not addicted to the Internet nor do I need to take a photo of the food I am about to eat and share it on social media. Frankly no one cares!
My weekends and evenings are for me to enjoy my life, my husband and my peace and quiet. Give it a shot and I think you will discover that your need to stay connected is really only an addiction. If people must find you – they will. Love yourself enough to not be part of the social media disorder of Internet addiction. Take back you life and allow yourself to actually feel and think again.
Love and Success,
Lee Milteer
Business & Life Strategist
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