How to Promote Your Thank You Notes

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At my the car dealer yesterday, I read the thank you notes posted on a bulletin board in the waiting room while my car was being serviced.

Smart way to let people know about all those happy customers, I said to myself.

But what about people like me who have a home office? How can we let the world know about the customers and clients who love our work? That got me thinking of these things I wish I had done during the more than two decades I’ve been in business:

–With the writers’ permission, take a photo of the notes and include them at your websites. I love handwritten notes because few people send them anymore.

–Share excerpts from the notes on social media.

–Create a slidedeck.

–Turn the best photos into a video that you can narrate using a software program like Camtasia. How did you help the client solve a problem?

–Going to a trade show? Put them in a scrapbook with laminated pages and place it on the table in your booth.

–Not renting a booth? Take the scrapbook with you to share with people you meet at the show.

–Doing a book signing? Take it with you to show to your fans.

–Speakers, take the book with you if you’re at an event where you might meet meeting planners who can hire you.

To do: Start saving your thank you notes and think of creative ways to use them to promote your expertise and your business.



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