Think back to when you worked in a traditional job. What was the atmosphere like in the office? Were you excited to go to work or did you dread it? Did your boss contribute to the atmosphere? How do you wish it was different?

Now that you’re leading your own company, think of how YOU impact the atmosphere and morale of your office. Even if you have a home office with a single virtual assistant, YOU have an impact on how well things flow between you. Your attitude directly impacts your VA’s excitement to get your work done and to make suggestions to improve workflow. It all goes back to the lesson we learned as children – treat others as you want to be treated.

How to Show Your Team You Care

No matter how big (or small) your team is, you can always do nice things to show them that you appreciate the work they do for you. From simple words of appreciation to surprise bonuses, small gestures go a long way to show you care. These same small gestures often lead to team loyalty, too.

Show your team members that you care about them as a person outside of the work they do. If they have a new baby, consider sending a bouquet of flowers or a baby gift. Near the holidays, consider sending a gift card to treat themselves to something special. Or if they mention a favorite restaurant or website on social media, send a gift card for those places. Those thoughtful gifts can truly make someone’s day.

Your gifts don’t have to be monetary to be generous. Ask about their opinion about how things could be better with workflow or workload. Write a glowing testimonial for their website; those kind words will make their day better upon reading it! Also provide whatever updated training is necessary for your team members so they feel prepared to deal with any challenges that come up. Knowing you want them prepared instills confidence in your team and shows you care about their performance.

How to Bring Positivity to the Workplace

Know your mission. If your mission is one of positivity and you bring on positive team members, everyone will better serve your clients and customers.
Smile more. Even if you’re not having the best day, smiling can help diminish your negative thoughts. Smiling is also contagious so greet your team members on video calls with a smile that says, “I’m happy to see you!”

Practice gratitude and thankfulness. Express these feelings to your employees or virtual team members. Encourage them to find the silver lining in difficult situations.

Lead by example. Just as toddlers look to their parents to learn how to behave, your team members or employees look to you to be their guide. Your choice of words and your actions will greatly impact your team and their understanding of how you expect them to act.

Positivity takes practice to implement, especially if you have struggled with a negative mindset or pessimistic outlook on life. But when your positive attitude shines through, your team will notice and it will have a positive impact on them as well.

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