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Swipe My Content Marketing Template To Get Your Marketing Into ACTION

Do you struggle with content marketing? Figuring out what to write about, what formats to create, where to publish? “Small Business Stacey” shares the exact content marketing template she uses with her clients to get their marketing into ACTION. #ASmallBizLife  #WhereMarketingMeetTechnology


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Episode Transcript

Spaghetti is great for dinner, but when it comes to your marketing, not so much.

Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey. You’ve heard me talk a lot about spaghetti marketing, throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what will stick, especially when it comes to content marketing because there are so many types of content that you could be doing. There’s social media content, there’s blogs, there’s Facebook Lives, there’s email newsletters, and on and on and on. So while it may make you want to feel like doing spaghetti marketing, don’t do it. I’m literally going to pull back the curtain and share the way that we have built a system to get our client’s content into action. I’m going to share my screen. This is the spreadsheet that we use in helping our clients create and implement a content calendar.

It’s broken down by month, and what we do is each month we work with our clients to help them come up with a theme of the month. This way any content that we create for them, it’s multimedia and multitouch, but it all falls in with the same theme, so there’s consistency in the messaging and the branding. So here, this client is a naturopath and the theme is luck. You control your health, it’s not “luck”. On the left-hand side of the spreadsheet as a calendar and because this client just has so much happening, we haven’t yet put every little thing onto the calendar, but in a perfect world, you can literally put these items onto the calendar so you can see at a glance what content you’re putting out when and ensure that you’re not sending out too much in one day versus not enough for, let’s say, an entire week.


So this is a visual representation of what content is going out when. On the bottom of this spreadsheet are important dates and hashtags that you can leverage. I’m a big proponent of using holidays in your marketing. And if you haven’t yet grabbed a FREE copy of my social media content calendar, then definitely do that. Go to It has a year’s worth of holidays and hashtags that you can leverage to grow your business. Now, for this client, we’re tapping into some monthly holidays, National Nutrition Month, and National Women’s History Month, as well as on specific days, we’re going to be leveraging some holidays and hashtags to get her some additional visibility and exposure. On the right-hand side of the spreadsheet is content that we’re creating, whether that’s a newsletter or my client is doing a Facebook Live. And she actually has two places where she does that.

Swipe My Content Marketing Template To Get Your Marketing Into ACTION

When we’re writing a blog or when her newsletter is going out, again, this helps us think ahead of time being proactive about the marketing that we’re doing so that everything ties in with the theme and we’re consistent in the messaging. And then on the bottom part of the spreadsheet is where we track and report back to our clients on the analytics. What’s working? Is there something that didn’t that we may want to tweak for the next month? And here, so all of the different types of marketing that we’re doing, we agree on what a goal will be for the month and then we track how we are progressing during our weekly calls with each client and then any notes that we may want to say, “Well, this worked really well,” or, “Let’s leverage this in a different way. Let’s try it this way next time.” This way you have your whole year’s content calendar built out and you can easily see from month to month how things change and progress, and anything that you may need to incorporate into your content calendar, it’s all in one place.

So what do you think of this content calendar? It’s a lot better than spaghetti marketing. It forces you to think about what your theme of the month is and how you’re going to incorporate that into the specific marketing media that you use. I’d love to give you a free copy of this content calendar, just send me an email with a subject line of content calendar to And what do you think about it? Leave me a comment below share or tag somebody who you think could really benefit from this content calendar. I know that it’s helped me and my team really get clarity on helping our clients with their content marketing. I know it can do the same for you, and if we can help you get your marketing into action, absolutely reach out, I’d love to do a strategy call with you.

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