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Hi from Lee,

I am writing specially to business owners and entrepreneurs with the message: Stop Trying to BE Normal.

There is a cable TV show on Showtime now called: “I am Dying Up Here” about Comedians trying to make it in the big time by getting on the Johnny Carson show and this show is based on a real comedy Club in L.A. in the 70’s called Goldie’s. In one episode a comedian went home to visit her family in Texas and came back to L.A. very depressed after spending time in her old home town. One of her fellow comedians asked her why she was so down and she told him about her visit home with family and old friends. He comforted her by saying “Oh that explains your depression: WE don’t do Normal! That line sums up the truth about most entrepreneurs. We don’t do NORMAL and we should stop trying because we are wired totally different than what I call normal people- Civilians. That means we must stop wasting our energy listening to others who judge our marketing, the way we WOW customers, clients and patients and simply face reality – we must not try to be normal. There is a massive push everywhere on social media and main stream media for us to “Conform” and be like others who they consider acceptable. Well, truth is IF you are always conforming to the outside world it will kill your ability to stand out from the normal milk toast crowd.

If we want referrals and new business we have to be memorable and outstanding at what we do and how we do it. We don’t want a hint of normal conforming to what the majority does, we want people to be wowed, impressed and stand out a mile from our nearest competition.

No matter who you are and what you do personal referrals is without doubt the best way to get new business. The world is so fragmented right now with everyone having their own blog, internet TV show, posting on social media that it is challenging to find ways to really stand out using the same strategies others are using. Since the cost of acquiring a new client, customer or patient is so much more than getting referrals it would behoove everyone to take a hard look at what are you doing every day in your business or services that would invite people to fall in love with you and become Fans.

One thing you can do daily to make your business outstanding and memorable enough to talk about is to clearly have amazing and a memorable experience and service. Do what your competitors will not do. For example, my Dentist provides a ‘Shock and Awe’ gift bag after your appointment. Yes, you get the “normal” little bag of toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and the surprising part—free tickets to the local Aquarium or some other cool local attraction and some good chocolate, plus other little fun items that go with the time of year. So in the summer – some beach toy! It really is a surprise each time you go there on what little gift you will get with your normal dental supplies bag and frankly, no one expects to get candy or fun gifts from a dentist. The chocolate is the shock and people are always talking about it. This Dentist also has an amazing environment with a TV in the ceiling for the patients with videos of beautiful scenery around the world, you have options of earphones if you want. The waiting room is filled with great coffee table books, a wall of up to date and current magazines, newspapers from major media outlets, coffee bar, Stunning artwork and very comfortable living room environment. His staff is trained to smile and focus on the patient and of course, offer the best of the best options for any of your dental issues. He has been rated the BEST Dentist in our area and he puts social proof of this up in places everyone can see! He is always courting his clients and never takes them for granted. He clearly thrives on the word of mouth referrals and when gets those always rewards the people giving them so they keep up the word of mouth positive comments! When people thank the Dentist or his staff for the great experience you will hear them respond: “That is so wonderful to hear that we have made this experience so good for you. Would you be kind enough to share your experience on the Cards we have left in the waiting room so we can tell others?” These comments are posted in his monthly newsletter, website and new customer Get Started Packages. There is nothing better than people reading how you and your business took care of them! This Dentist understands testimonials and leverages them for new patients. He understands and enacts on the fact that people want to feel appreciated and important. So what can you do daily to build loyalty and referrals that no one else is doing? Remember we are Not Normal and we are not going to attract raving fans by doing Normal. Normal is Boring and expected.

Your real job is to WOW people with your service, products, environment, your extraordinary customer service, and to show appreciation to your existing clientele so they feel special and important to you!

Best to you!


Lee Milteer
Life and Business Strategist

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