6 Paid Traffic tips for the holidays

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,768,903 times…

Actionable advice ALWAYS wins the day (or in this case the SEASON).

And today, I have some actionable advice for you in the form of 6 tips for an effective “holiday” campaign from my good buddy and Paid Traffic expert, Beau Haralson:

1. Start early: Last year, Costco put trees out on September 1st and sent a mailer about Black Friday deals on November 1. This just goes to show that early purchases don’t cannibalize later purchases, they are typically incremental, and made by “prepared” buyers just looking for a “why now” to buy.

2. Don’t be shy with themes like “12 Days of Christmas” or “Business Advent Calendar” (or “Prepare for Back to Business on January 1st” if you’re B2B). No matter what industry you’re in, embracing the language of the season is always a good idea.

3. Target your seasonal customers: This may seem really obvious, but you should go back and grab the audience that engaged with your brand last Q4 and target them again… and create look-alikes from them. These seasonal shoppers can be re-engaged and mimic’d and are more reactive than your normal, everyday, lukewarm lead.

4.  Use 2019 Trends and 2020 Predictions as Introductory Content: It’s click bait’y, but it works every year for a host of industries, and if done thoughtfully will have great engagement, just tie it to a thoughtful CTA (ie. “want to build 2020’s best campaign? click here for guidance on how…”)

5.  Feed the promotion hungry consumer: Any perceived discount is still a discount–you don’t have to race to the bottom margin-wise, but everyone wants to feel like they got a deal this time of year.

6. Have fun with it: People get anxious about being PC, but if Lego can do an “Advent Calendar” then I think referring to any element of the Holidays is O.K. Some brands get super nervous about acknowledging the holiday season at all, and choose to pretend like they don’t exist. The holidays certainly exist, they’re fun and you should have fun with the more generic themes that the Holidays bring. Your new customers will thank you for it by giving you money for your product or service.”


Written by Ryan Deiss
CEO & Co-Founder

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