3 Automation Apps to Help Your Small Business

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is managing every aspect of your company. Automation technology can help you juggle many tasks at once.

Running a small business can be one of the most fulfilling things a person can do. It provides the opportunity for an individual to become more than just an ordinary person and allows them to contribute to their community in a much larger way. There are risks of course, but that only encourages the business owner even more.

One thing, however, will always be difficult, and that is logistics. Small business owners juggle every aspect of their companies — marketing, finance, operations, management — in addition to selling and delivering their products or services. Who has the time?

This is where automation comes into play. This technology is no longer out of reach. Small business owners can join the new era and participate in a technological revolution. There are applications out there that help small businessesin huge ways so they can run efficiently and impact their communities in even greater ways than they already do.

1. Personal Assistants

Personal assistant devices such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo have allowed small business owners the chance to have a round-the-clock assistant. These devices use automation to keep your scheduled tasks and important items organized.

They can remind you of an important meeting or automatically purchase any items you may need for your business. These devices are also useful for employees as it frees up their time to focus on the task at hand and not delay by doing menial things that hamper their work.

This creates a more efficient workplace that is not bogged down with the mundane tasks. It also allows for the owner to be more productive and not worry about missing any important dates. This stress relief alone pays for the devices, which are now relatively inexpensive and easy to use. These devices will be ubiquitous in the years to come and your business should be no exception.

2. Customer Service

Then there is customer service, which can either be the downfall of a company or its most shining feature. Automated customer service can process customer complaints or needs immediately and effectively.

These are seen most often as automated voice messaging or chat bots. This type of automation for your small business frees up employees so they do not have to spend their time answering questions that can be easily answered by a machine. It also reduces the cost of employing a customer service business and allows your customer service to be online 24 hours a day.

This level of responsiveness is only available via automation and can be the difference maker in how you are viewed by the public. When customers can report a problem and get an answer immediately, it improves the likelihood that they will stay a customer of yours forever.

3. Security

Automation also improves security in a number of ways, both physically and digitally. The recent innovations in visual recognition allow for biological securities to be placed in and around your business. For instance, you may have a camera at the front of your building which only lets in those who are authorized to enter.

The same works for a computer that has a visual scanner, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing your intranet. Cyber security teams also use automation so that they may automatically block malware attacks and brute force efforts. This is a great relief to business owners that are concerned with their safety and the safety of their employees. Automation allows for a safer work environment as well as more secure technology.

Businesses of any size should use automation to create a safer and more productive work environment. Whether it is about increasing productivity or preventing cyberattacks, automation can provide those things and more.

It is important for business owners to become involved in this technology so they are not left behind. Automation makes life easier for both owners and employees while also catapulting you into the future.

This article was originally posted on Manta.com

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